Alana Grainger | Coaching
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35-alana-img_9470After teaching yoga for years and travelling extensively it became evident how our stories are the very foundation that we build our lives, beliefs and entire operating system upon. Sometimes these stories, which sprouted in our childhood, are tied to a wound and held as a deeply rooted core limiting belief. These very same stories inhibit us from expanding and enable us to keep responding in the same way. They need to be adjusted or collapsed completely in order so we can continue to grow and move forward in our lives.

As people are so unique and different there is not one strategy that I employ to work with everyone. There are numerous ways to approach hurdles in one’s life and I adjust accordingly to each individual. Through exploring one’s story and employing various meditations, visualisations, mantras and journey work what lies beneath with eventually rise bouyantly to the surface.

I hold absolutely no judgement and there is nothing too unbelievable as I, more than likely, have either done or experienced something eerily similar to the very thing you are going through. And this is the precise reason you found me, and I you. So we can work together to to not only overcome this issue but to ignite and intensify the flame that burns deeply within you.

Coaching Prices

“Alana is a fierce friend and a staunch advocate. She won’t let you forget about your potential, even when you already have. She has full faith in you and lets you know it. Around her, you’ll never feel like life is insignificant. You feel like your role in the universe is monumental. And it’s just because of her fervent belief in the same. Not a moment goes unexamined. Everything has meaning, and so does every person. Beautiful soul, inside and out”  – M Sway

“Alana the name means awakening and beauty. You cannot help but be awakened under Alana’s beautiful and graceful guiding presence.” – J Sullivan