Alana Grainger | About
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Hi! I’m Alana and I’ve had a passion for words, stories and people for as long as I can remember.

It started when, as an infant, the melodic, sweet narrative of Banjo Patterson wrapped me up in a cocoon of prose which then developed into an insatiable hunger submerge myself in stories from all cultures and backgrounds that have spanned the globe. I have drank chai with Sadu’s in India, had hungi with Maori’s in New Zealand, drank beer with strippers in Thailand and grown my ability to hear what might not be being said. In silence, words weave worlds what we fail to hear and see. I wish to hear as many people’s stories and through active listening, reflect back to them the grandeur of their own being. By telling our stories we can harness our power and heal our pain.

My life took an unusual turn a few years ago when I started lancing and exploring the deep wounds within myself. The more I resisted them, the more they persisted and the bigger they became until they converged into throbbing mess which I could no longer run from. I couldn’t go around it, I couldn’t go under it, so I had to go through it. The best remedy to end suffering was and is to get curious. I sat and burrowed deeper into my pain and found all manner of repressed and suppressed emotions, feelings and beliefs.  What a pandora’s box of all plethora I opened and I can tell you it wasn’t always pretty (in fact it rarely is) but it was liberating to confront that which had always held me back, keeping me small and in ‘victim’ mode.

It was about this time that the Divine Feminine surreptitiously and synchronistically began rapturously seducing and beckoning my Soul to return home.  For I had negated and dismissed my own sacred power for what I felt was not just this but many lifetimes past. I also knew and could see that this was not happening to me alone but an uprising was unfolding on a universal level.  Women the world over were beginning to wake up to their own innate power. Their strength and courage supported and assisted in my own process of remembrance.

It was here that the Journey Divine began.

My life took on a somewhat unique and mystifying flavour.  Everything became increasingly unexplainable, magical and enchanting. The more I though I knew, the more I realised I didn’t. You simply don’t know what you don’t know. I no longer knew where reality ended and this other world, so often perceived as outside of ourselves, began. Everything wove into a blur of unity. My Souls purpose continued to demand more of my attention till I could no longer hold back that which was defiantly going to come through. So I pledged all my resources to assist in enabling this energy manifesting through me. Now I wish to guide you in experiencing and bringing forth your gifts that lay buried within. There is an aspect of you, the BIGGEST form of you that already exists, it’s just awaiting for you to step up and embody it. Now is time….