Alana Grainger | Been feeling a bit off? This might be why.
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Been feeling a bit off? This might be why.

Depending on your circle of friends, you may or may not be aware that there is a new moon approaching on Saturday 11th August in the sign of Leo. It will also be a solar eclipse. To most people this means jack squat.  I get it. I do. I am situated in Canggu, Bali and a lot of people talk about this scenario with an air of authority assuming the rest of us understand what the hell it means.  Does it even mean anything?!  Well, I am going to do my best to share with you what I have learnt and hopefully disperse a bit of the cosmic jargon that surrounds it. 

Relevance of the Moon

Let’s begin with the known fact that the moon has an effect on the tides due to its gravitational pull on earth. Although debated, upto 90% of our bodies are made up of water, therefore the phases of the moon also impact our moods and emotions. There is much more influence on the ocean and people during the appearance of the full moon (just ask anyone who works in a hospital!) yet the new moon also has its impact, though to a lesser extent.  

The full moon can be viewed as the peak of momentum, where an upwards movement of energy has reached it’s climax. The new moon is the opposite, as energy has descended and been drawn inwards so as to consolidate before expanding outwards and rising again. 

The new moon is a time when ‘seeds’ (be it ideas, intentions or physical materials) are ‘planted’ and the journey over the next two weeks in the lead up to the full moon assists in bringing them to fruition. During the full moon, energy is at it highest (which can also mean it’s unstable). Then as the period of returning to the new moon begins, there is a natural turn downwards. These next two weeks culminate in a grace period of ‘letting go’ of what has already been planted and also trimming away branches of your plans that no longer serve the course. 

When speaking about a new moon/full moon in an astrological sign, it means the celestial constellation where the moon is present during that time. The energies of the moon in a certain sign highlight the traits associated with that sign. When the full moon is present it shines the light of awareness on certain traits of that sign that may be showing up in our lives that we are struggling with, enabling us to ‘let go’ of them. Conversely, when a new moon is present in a sign it brings forth the shadow aspects (that which isn’t seen or acknowledged) and assisting us to dig deep within ourselves and plant the seed of awareness within.

A solar eclipse (what is happening Saturday 11th August) happens when the earth passes through the shadow cast by the moon and partially blocks the sun. A solar eclipse amplifies the energies of the new moon and brings changes that enable a new beginning. Slightly disconcerting was an article I read this week about how solar eclipses were a catalyst for transformations here on earth and resulted in the planet shifting it’s own vibrational frequency which can result in an increased number of earthquakes and eruptions! Now, not that I want to state the obvious, but it does seem rather synchronistic that there was a very large earthquake here in Indonesia last week and we have been experiencing aftershocks ever since!

The opening of Lionsgate

What the hell is a ‘Lionsgate’ and what on earth does it have to do with anything up in the sky? Great question. Glad you asked. Lionsgate happens every year when the sun is in the constellation of Leo and is marked by a star called Sirius moving into alignment in Orion’s belt (constellation of stars) which also lines up with the Pyramids of Giza (another MAJOR location of high vibrational energy). Have I lost you yet? Keep reading, I’ll explain.

There are certain points on earth that exhibit a very high frequency of energy. Maybe you have been to one of them? I recall a time when I went to Uluru and I was left utterly speechless. That place emanated a power that far exceed the words I could use to describe it. So often we don’t even have to ‘know’ that a place is special, we simply ‘feel’ it. When certain centres of energy on this earth line up with stars and planets in our cosmos, the energetic field becomes heightened and an even more intense charge is emitted. 

A good analogy for this is Wifi.

There are so many wifi hotspots around and although we cannot see it, certain devices pick up the signal. When ‘connected’ they power our devices in a different way enabling us to access more information and data. 

This is not dissimilar to these shifts of energy when stars and planets come into alignment, except the device that gets plugged in, is us. 

The star Sirius has an energy that is said to bring about a new wave of consciousness. It’s rays are drawn down to earth to assist in accelerating our spiritual growth.  This only happens once a year as I mentioned above when the New Moon is the constellation of Leo.  Integration of energies happens during what is called “Lionsgate”. It occurs between the 8-12th of August each year. The doorway to this energy opens on the 8th day of the 8th month and a portal of high frequencies is brought online which bathes our planet. 

As this gateway opens it brings with it a massive shifts in collective consciousness as every individual (whether they are conscious of it or not) is being recalibrated.  Essentially, we are being transformed from the inside out.  For this to happen there may be some very unpleasant shifts that occur as we are being purged and cleaned out so as to activate different aspects of ourselves that might have long been suppressed. The very special and unique aspect of Lionsgate is that the energy is connected to the heart which implores us to make it a paramount force within ourselves. This means that we may be experiencing many triggering situations to clear out and revoke any old patterning that is no longer serving us, enabling us to move forward from our heart and to really, REALLY trust when we do. 

All about the heart

The star sign of Leo is associated with a sense of pride, strength and wisdom, yet when the energy of Lionsgate is active, these aspects move beyond being cultivated from a mental perspective and rather are coming from the deep, soulfulness of the heart.

SOUL: that which is the unique and individualised aspect of God/universe/deity/divine that exists within

Our soul ALWAYS wants us to live from the heart but so often our minds overshadow this request out of years and possibly millennia of imbedded fear. Lionsgate assists us with confronting that fear so we can look it straight in the eyes and choose love instead. When choosing love we have consciously commitmented to expanding our hearts over retracting into our minds.

This reconfiguration of priorities establishes us to live in and act from the heart. When we do there is more openness and spaciousness inside of us that helps other people within our field climb onboard with the energy we are sending out. When we choose love, we are essentially upleveling all of those around us to do the same by being the leader and shining the light of awareness onto our previously subconscious actions and choosing differently.

Whilst this transition maybe confronting there are those around us that want to support and assist us in our transformations. Lions are pack animals and this energy of Lionsgate asks us to reach out to and be in connection with our soultribe (those who uplift, inspire and support us). This is not the time for clingers-on as we are collectively being asked to step into our own sense of power and by doing so we assist in other to follow suit. 

Tapping into the innate and potent energy of the heart allows us to build the bridge that might have become frayed or demolished all together when we have found ourselves either being buoyantly supported by life or sucked down into it’s murky depths. By reconciling both the upper and lower realms of our experience (and I am sure that you have encountered numerous experiences in both) aligns us to walk the central path. We cannot stay on the high or low road forever….it is simply not sustaining. Therefore there has to be some common middle ground from which to tread.  Now is the time that we are able to begin to see there may be a different way for living life than what we have previously had.

So why the F%*& do I feel so S$*@?!

For the past few days I have been experiencing a shocking cold that seems to have literally be summoned up from out of nowhere. It began with a sneezing fit then ended with me being totally blocked up. I could subtly feel there was a presence wanting to make itself know in my throat, which interestingly enough, was something that I had been doing my best to resolve issues around all week. This sickness gave me the opportunity to sit back, zoom out and take in the grander view and try to understand what life may be trying to share with me. 

During this time of heightened energy that is being woven into the fabric of our being there maybe a rising up of emotions (hands up those who have shed some tears over the past few weeks?!).  There may also be physical ailments rising up to the surface such as fatigue, headaches, fogginess, tightness in the joints and muscles and lack of sleep. Some simple tips to assist in the onset of these issues is to drink lots of water as water helps in processing and assimilating (and the moon is obviously having an impact on the water in our bodies as you read above). Eating light, healthy meals which nurture the healing environment you’re creating within and of course just rest. Allow yourself to be in this time of transition. Be gentle with yourself. Whatever needs to be done, it can wait. Trust me, it can wait. If you are not feeling up to it. Just give yourself some time and see what unfolds as a result. It all comes back to openness and spaciousness.

As we are moving through these stages that are bringing forth this greater sense of awareness, we are detaching from what no longer serves us as we are effortlessly being guided by our soul.  What has lingered in the past and that which has still not yet been healed is being freed as we release and detach- letting go into the process of what is happening. As we do, our outside environment is going to start to match what we are putting out and how we are showing up.

In my meditation this morning I received a very clear message which was:

Life will always support you 

as you seek to support life.

As I myself have been facing down some big, dark fears recently I have found myself questioning a lot of why I find myself in the position I am in.  These words somehow offered the soothing balm that I needed right at that point in time. It really is amazing that once you get quiet and sit with yourself, even if your are uncomfortable (especially if you are uncomfortable) then there is a quiet voice inside that shares with you the wisdom that you are seeking. Where does that voice come from? The heart. As that is our soul speaking to us. How do we know it’s our soul? Because the voice will respond faster then your brain. 

Soul calling

Now is the time when we are being urged a little bit more audaciously by our soul to bare our soul.   This return to a greater sense of Self is being willed upon us by something that is unseen yet a lot of us can ‘feel’. It is so hard to describe it aside from that there is a impulse and an urgency to get on with doing what we feel we are here to do. No more playing small or hopscotching from one foot to another, it’s time to get on with it. 

It is also no surprise if we feel that we are being tested (Ummmm, YES!). New scenarios are showing up with old imprinting giving us the opportunity to choose differently from what we have in the past. We are being offered the question: “does this align with me or not”. There maybe be a feeling that we are being ‘sucked back’ into our old ways. To be able to hold oneself compassionatly in this time is vital as victim consciousness will only spiral us down further into this hole of self-pity. This is not the time to feel defeated though, as this shifting in awareness now means that you have the ability to choose how you want to respond as opposed to react. There is that sense of spaciousness again- as when we select that aspect there is a detachment from the object that is causing us to feel that we are being spiked by the prickles of it. It is both rewarding and inspiring to witness oneself move through this experience to see just how much growth has occurred. 

Here to serve

Those of you that are reading this obviously have some sense of purpose and calling to want to help the collective as that is the energy I emit. Like attracts like and as you are here reading this a part of you is in alignment with this energy too. As we have processed and integrated many of these lessons, traversing our own dark nights of the soul, we have done so because we are here to assist others in their venture through the realms of the unknown. We are showing others the way and highlighting the road for them as we share with them our own experiences. We are guiding the way and being the light, holding it up for others to follow. 

As we choose differently we are creating different pathways in our mind which in turn is creating different thought patterns which assists us in opening our eyes up so as to experience a new reality. As we change so does our view of the world around us and our everyday life becomes one of beauty and awe.  We create our future and present moment with the thoughts we think and the energetic response we emit through every occurring moment and situation.

My wish is that this article has demystified a little about the mysteries of the moon and the effects the planets and stars have on our earth and body when certain alignments in the cosmos take place. You may still think this is all a bit woo-woo and that is totally fine, there is no need to drastically alter your perceptions all at once or even at all. But I implore you just to take a bit of time and reflect on how you have felt over the past few days and those that follow. Be with yourself without music or distraction and drop into that space of quietness within and allow yourself to FEEL. Deeply. You may be surprised at what you find. 

Want to know how I use the energy of the new moon to seed intentions, assisting in bringing them into fruition? Check out my youtube clip below: