Alana Grainger | The Grace of Gratitude.
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The Grace of Gratitude.

Gratitude. It is something that is easy to cultivate when we are happy and everything is flowing in abundance our way. It is a far more challenging practice when life is most definitely NOT going in the way we would like it to. 

When you gotta flip it

The irony of gratitude is that when things are not going our way, it is the most opportune time to begin a gratitude practice. It is easy to get disheartened and think of all the things we don’t have, don’t want or don’t like but when we are able to stand back and appreciate ALL of it, one begins to see life from a different perspective. It is at this point we are able to see the things that we’re not grateful for are the doorways leading to new opportunities and growth. When we resist these situations, it equally overshadows that which we ARE grateful for.

One thing that I have been doing recently is loving, appreciating and embracing my challenges. These come in the form of my own flaws; both personal and outwardly, confrontations, doubts, discomfort, uncertainty and insecurity. I am finding that when I pull them all into me, rather than push them away, they cease to have as much power over me. It is from this place too that I gain a grander perspective, as I am able to see that what I am feeling put out by, might just be the gateway to rapid growth. 

Attitude for Gratitude

Around the time of the new moon (which is coming up next week, June 13) I write out manifestations but I first begin with what I am grateful for. This recognition enables me to be able to see what I DO have in my life. From this place of sincere gratitude, I easily create a field with which to magnetise that which I desire.

Think about it like this, don’t you feel drawn to something/someone who has good energy, which has been cultivated from within? As opposed to those that seem desperate and want to draw you in? The difference in feeling is profound. 

I believe life is the same. When you are happy with what you have, you can ask for more without being attached to the outcome of acquiring it or not. It takes so much energy to try and chase down or hunt that which you feel you are lacking. Even when you acquire it, there will still be that empty feeling and something else, just as elusive, will take its place. Yet, if you sit quietly and focus on yourself, what you need will come to you. It is that same analogy as chasing after a butterfly. 

The unfolding of grace

Grace descends upon us when we can draw ourselves back from the surface of our being and perceive that there is something far greater than ‘us’ at work. We are the vessels through which life is evolving and moving forth, yet ‘we’ have very little control over it. We can try, but often this just leaves us feeling tired and drain of energy as we have exerted so much of it chasing after what is eluding us.

When we can be still and pour ourselves into ourselves, doing the things we love and in turn, sharing them with the world (without any expectation of compensation), then what we are seeking, very often comes to find us. This only begins to happen though, when we turn our gaze inward…..and be patient!

When we can acknowledge and be grateful for our fears as they are the precursor to expansion, then we begin to see beyond them. We see how are doubts are beneficial as they are making us closely consider not just where we are going but where we have been and where we currently are. When challenges arise we can be grateful that life is sharpening our resilience. When confrontations come knocking, we are being urged to step, with courage, into our power.   All of what we desire and ask for unfortunately doesn’t show up on a silver platter, though I often wish it did. What we want seems to come to us via a backward way and means. It never seems to show up in the form we envision it to. Yet, this is the way that the universe has evolved for thousands of years. Destruction is the ground upon which rebirth occurs. 

Bowing to the blessings of life

Next time when faced with something you wish to avoid, see if you can find the gratitude in it. For how can you expect to be happy with more if you cannot appreciate what you have in the present?  A shedding of your skin may be required to uncover an even greater sense of awe for the blessing your life is, but when you awaken to it, you open your heart. And when you open your heart, the whole world is sucked into the vortex that swirls inwards in devotion, nourishing in acknowledgment, all that it is.