Alana Grainger | The Evolution of Purpose
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The Evolution of Purpose

Purpose. It is the thing most people are seeking to find. It causes you to search for a deeper meaning in life and equally invites you to express your intrinsic gifts. Though at times, most people are not even sure exactly what their gifts are. This sense of identity, this projection of yourself into the future, where you are something more than the way you see yourself now, is both a blessing and a curse. It beckons you to grow and evolve beyond your current state but it equally can cause you to suffer if you are unsure of where, how, what or who you are to become.

What if you contemplated this idea; Purpose grows in conjunction with your stages of evolution.

A little mind blowing right?!

I was having this conversation with my inspiring friend Kritika recently when she dropped this bombshell. Erm, how have I never viewed it this way before? I had always believed ( in my clearly limited thought process) that purpose was something you evolved into. I had viewed purpose as a very linear expansion, meaning that every time one grew and collected new data from experiences undertaken, the process moved one closer to that elusive and bigger version of oneself. The One who is the manifestation and embodiment of the totality of greatness.

My mind just about exploded when I contemplated this idea from a totally different angle. Purpose is not stagnant, but alive, active and continuously remaking itself. What if the very thing you are doing right now IS your purpose and there is no final destination? Sit and marinate in that for just a second.

What if what you are doing right now IS your purpose and there is no final destination to where your evolution ends as you are always becoming something.

Digest that grand idea.

Is it just me or has no one else ever really thought about purpose it like that?

For example: In the past, I have been many things: yoga teacher, henna artist, waitress, stewardess, manager, artist, writer, student-I could go on. ALL of these aspects of who I was at the time was not my final totality, though it was an integral part of who I needed to become. I had taken on the exact form I needed to be at that present point in time. If time stood still, I would have been precisely living my purpose as a reflection of part of the whole.

Just as a tree starts from a tiny seed and sprouts, continuing to grow all it’s life and expanding until it reaches a certain point when it begins to decay, so too in each cycle, it is still a tree. Yet, each phase is the precursor enabling it to move into the next stage of it’s evolution. A tree can be viewed in its many different stages but it is always still a tree.

Often we get so caught up the idea of who we are or want to become we miss the idea that we are here to learn, experience and evolve. The labels we address ourselves by have become more important than the process, as each new level obtained categorises us into a slightly different but no less condensed and limited versions of our greater selves. The mind seeks to differentiate one from the other as a way of evaluating progress, yet it still keeps us separate from simply witnessing ourselves as The One who is here playing a very specific yet unique part in this experience called life.

If you look around, it is blatantly obvious to see the universe has not come to a halt and is sitting on its laurels going ‘yeah, I think I’m good…I’m done…this is the end point”. No. The world and everything within it, is constantly going beyond that which it has already been. There is an innate desire to encompass even more of what it can become. Nothing is ever at a standstill. There is not a final destination or limit to the creative process. Can it not be seen then that the same is true with purpose?

Of course one does have to get off the couch and apply themselves but I honestly believe it requires nothing more than showing up and moving in the direction of that which you love and makes you come alive. This will inevitably magnetise similar opportunities to you as rather than reaching for something outside yourself you are pouring your energy into that which nourishes and enriches you. It is invertible then, that becoming more aware will be part of the process, for when you look inward, you begin to see with different eyes. As the saying goes by famed psychologist Carl Jung: “he who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens’.

Purpose is something more than a far-off idea that seems unobtainable. It is you as you are now. It is the very path you are walking, which is leading you to your next evolved Self, carrying you effortlessly to the next expansion of purpose and the next, and the next. Take heart, as inside you there is a force that is rumbling and wishing to express itself in whichever way you allow it to move through you. Creation itself is using you as a vessel to express itself in the world. You are not the driver but a container through with it can move. With every step, we are becoming more of ourselves. For who knows who or what purpose will evolve us into.