Alana Grainger | Light, Ignite, Unite
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Hi! I’m Alana and I’ve had a passion for words, stories and people for as long as I can remember.


After teaching yoga for years and travelling extensively it became evident how our stories are the very foundation that we build our lives, beliefs and entire operating system upon.
  • It is close to six months now since I withdrew from social media. It has taken me this long to process everything, to regain a sense of myself after I felt I was crippled with the torture of self doubt. During this time, I began......

  • Everywhere, all around us, cycles are happening. Beginning, sustaining, ending and returning to start all over again. Cycles of time, weather, seasons, relationships, careers, life, even the movement of our breath.  All are ebbing and flowing in a constant state of motion. Yet how often to......

  • Depending on your circle of friends, you may or may not be aware that there is a new moon approaching on Saturday 11th August in the sign of Leo. It will also be a solar eclipse. To most people this means jack squat.  I get......